Website Design Tips That Allow You to Make Money Online and Drive Traffic to Your Website

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Website design tips you are going to discover in this article are worth their weight in gold. We are going to get right into discussing two priceless website design tips immediately.

Website Design Tip No-1-Make Money Online

I put this one first for obvious reasons. Everybody would like to own a website that allows them to make money online. But here’s the challenge.

Designing a website; giving it a simple layout and user-friendly navigation may not go far enough. Mind you, these things are necessary, but more may be needed.

Each page of your website must address a very specific area of your overall topic. For instance, let’s consider that the topic of your website is: “How To Lose Ten Pounds In Ten Days.”

A topic like that is very specific in its own right. However, one of your pages may have the title: “How To Lose Pounds Quicker On Day Four.”

Make very sure that you properly optimize this particular page for the search engines.

Why do you ask?

Well, a visitor may type into the search engine of their choice these keywords: “lose pounds quicker.”

If your webpage is properly optimized for those keywords, then there is a strong possibility that it may show up on the first page of results for that specific keyword.

If each page of your website is properly optimized for the search engines for their specific keywords, and you have 12 web pages making up your total website, you can make money online hand over fist.

Website Design Tip No-2-Drive Traffic To Your Website

As an extension of what we discussed in Website Design Tip No-1 above when we mention traffic, there are two primary methods to drive traffic to your website.

Free or paid.

The focus of this article is on the free or organic search engine method. This method will require you to get your website to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Millions of people type their specific keywords into their search engine of choice. If perchance your website appears on the first page of results for your specific keyword, visitors will click the result that leads to your webpage.

One area many people seem to be gravitating to is video. User-generated videos have increased by approximately 48% since 2008. It is destined to go up even more in the years to come.

Utilizing quality content is a surefire way to drive traffic to your website. Driving traffic via organic search can assure your site of getting search engine traffic for a long time.

Always remember, videos must be optimized as well. Requested titles, descriptions, and tags are three primary areas of text-based content the search engines use to deliver relevant search results for users.